Discover a Dr. Hauschka Body Oil to Embrace the Season Upon Us

Discover a Dr. Hauschka Body Oil to Embrace the Season Upon Us

Achieve balance, renewal, and radiance

There is a body oil suited for every season within you, regardless of the time of year. Pay attention to your current state, pause, and recognise the natural flow and patterns in your life. By acknowledging these rhythms with grace, you will feel more balanced and prepared.

I always feel a rush of excitement when I open a Dr. Hauschka Body Oil. These oils trigger a sensory awakening with their natural scents, instantly connecting with both mind and body. I tend to associate them more with my mood and the season I am in rather than the calendar year! Let me take you on a magical journey through the carefully crafted botanical oils from Dr. Hauschka. The fragrances, the essence, and the luxurious silk-like texture upon application transport you to a different realm, both physically and mentally.

Think of yourself and the season you are in right now in body and mind. To fine tune where we are at with nature around us, we choose an oil for our temperament and mood. Where we are now and how we can care for our skin as well as being receptive to what these oils offer. Remember, our skin has receptors and responds to various stimuli, such as essential oils. It is not by chance they enhance the texture and tone of the skin, these oils also mirror our seasons, bringing a pause with awareness.

The oils offer an opportunity to delve deeper, infusing a sense of tranquillity into your daily skincare routine. Apply them to towel-dried skin after showering or bathing. These body oils, made from organic sunflower, encapsulate the essence of sunshine and warmth in a bottle. With the addition of medicinal plants enabling the oils to be tailored to specific needs.

The five Dr. Hauschka Body Oils offer a huge range of diversity. Let me take you on a journey through your own Spring season. You determine your current feelings and identify what you require to nurture yourself using oils that are specially formulated to align with the body's natural temperature. Blackthorn Toning Body OilMoor Lavender Calming Body OilRose Nurturing Body OilBirch Arnica Energising Body OilLemon Lemongrass Vitalising Body Oil. These oils are easily absorbed into the skin, promoting a sense of openness as the skin breathes slowly and peacefully through the rhythmic application by hand.

Are you feeling creative? Embrace the revitalising essence of Spring and let it guide your inspiration

Feeling creatively inspired but not quite ready to dive into something new? Consider this your personal Spring season. Take this opportunity to nurture your inner passion—what truly sparks your spirit: whether it's dancing, cooking, or connecting with like-minded individuals. Embrace this phase of exploration and, most importantly, let go of what no longer serves you.

Emerging from the darkness and quiet of Winter, we now step into Spring with renewed energy. With more daylight, it's an invitation to dedicate time to your ideas, whether they're gentle whispers or roaring ambitions. Experiment with them, without taking yourself too seriously. Once you start, something within you ignites, that's the power of Spring awakening within you.

Nothing is wasted, be conscious and aware of your endeavours, look at doing a vision board or write /draw your ideas on a big blank canvas, use colours and images. Spring is play time and the best time to work through what your heart desires. This Spring, the Dr.Hauschka Body oil to help you tune in to your creative expression must be Lemon Lemongrass Vitalising Body Oil. Lemongrass evokes a tropical tale as each new leaf emerges from the sheath of the youngest one. With its skin-friendly properties, it symbolises continuous renewal and shedding, much like the rejuvenation of the skin. Lemons, being zesty, uplifting, and yellow, embody brightness and joy, resonating with the essence of spring. Applying this oil can ignite a sense of renewal, encouraging the sprouting of new ideas and planting seeds of creativity within you. 

Tara O'Rourke 


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