Collection: Regenerating Skin Care for Mature Skin

At Dr. Hauschka, we do not label our products “anti-ageing” or “age-defying”; instead, we focus on producing the highest quality products through decades of scientific research which support natural changes to your skin.

Our Regenerating and Regenerating Intensive products have different formulations and modes of action. They fulfil different skin care needs and accompany mature skin through various stages of life. The Regenerating and the Regenerating Intensive range each uses different skin care concepts to support the maturing of the skin.

When renewal stimuli begin to slow down, the Regenerating range helps your skin remain active through revitalising formulations that will make the skin feel toned and smooth.

When dryness and sensitivity become a concern, the Regenerating Intensive range offers protection and supports skin elasticity while imparting moisture and strengthening its natural barrier functions.

The products’ different ingredient bases ensure they accentuate your authentic, radiant appearance. After all in life, it’s not about looking younger but looking better. Whatever your age.