Our Company

Our Mission

A Mission to Support the Healing of Humanity and the Earth

The founder of Dr. Hauschka manufacturer WALA Heilmittel gave his company a mission that continues to this day. Dr. Rudolf Hauschka's goal "to support the healing of humanity and the earth" informs not only the culture of Dr. Hauschka Skin Care and its manufacturer, WALA Heilmittel, but also the company's business practices, production methods and the very nature of the company's products themselves.
Inspired by our vision of a culture of care, we've created a company powered by principle. Everything we do is in the interest of fostering well-being in the world, from our ecologically sound methods of growing and sourcing ingredients to our one-of-a-kind manufacturing processes and international fair trade initiatives.

We stand proudly by the products we sell, knowing that their purity and efficacy are helping people to nurture their health and beauty as well as inspiring them to recognize and foster beauty and well-being in others. We're active in our local communities and engage in projects the world over that help transform disadvantage into self-reliance and economic sustainability.

We're thankful that our company continues to grow, and that Dr. Hauschka Skin Care is gaining new devotees every day. The more we connect with others, the better we're able to effect positive change. Ultimately, we gauge our success by the difference we're able to make for individuals, communities and the world we share


Our History: A Timeline

The Healing Powers of Nature Harnessed for the Health of Humankind

  • 1914-24 Philosopher, scholar and educator Dr. Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925) introduces Anthroposophy, a spiritual science that comes to influence agriculture, education, the arts, medicine, architecture and economics.
  • 1924 Dr. Steiner delivers a series of lectures on farming in Germany.
  • Dr. Rudolf Hauschka (1891-1969) attends a lecture by Dr. Steiner and asks, "What is life?"
  • Dr. Steiner replies, "Study rhythm. Rhythm carries life."
  • Late 1920s-30s Farmers develop a new method of farming based on Dr. Steiner's teachings called Biodynamics.
  • Based on Steiner's advice to "study rhythm," Dr. Hauschka observes the life and energy of the natural world and begins to see the presence and influence of rhythm in all living things. He exposes botanicals to the natural extremes of warmth and cold, light and darkness, and motion and stillness. He discovers that through rhythmical processing, he is able to create a water-based rose extract that remains stable for over 30 years.
  • 1935 Dr. Hauschka and colleagues found the holistic pharmaceutical company WALA Heilmittel with the mission "to support the healing of humanity and the earth." WALA begins the manufacture of Anthroposophic and homeopathic medicines.
  • "WALA" is an acronym for the process by which Dr. Hauschka developed his rhythmical processing method: Warmth, Ash, Light, Ash.
  • Early 1960s Esthetician Elisabeth Sigmund (b.1914) recognizes the power of rhythm and traditional herbs in guiding skin back to a healthy, beautiful state. She is interested in the role the lymphatic system plays in skin health and overall well-being.
  • 1962 Elisabeth Sigmund writes Rudolf Hauschka, sharing her ideas for plant-based preparations that would support skin health. Dr. Hauschka and Elisabeth Sigmund develop a correspondence.
  • 1965 Dr. Hauschka invites Elisabeth Sigmund to join him at WALA to develop new holistic skin care preparations.
  • 1967 Introduction of Dr. Hauschka Skin Care, a line of 100% natural skin care products.
  • 1969 Elisabeth Sigmund introduces her unique treatment methods to the WALA community, developing the Dr. Hauschka Classic Treatment.
  • 1972 Dr. Hauschka Skin Care arrives in the United States.
  • 2008 Dr. Hauschka Holistic Home Remedies are introduced to the U.S. market.


Our Community

Caring for you and the world we share.

Stated most simply, our business is selling natural skin care products that care for your skin. Hopefully, you will find that our products help care for your inner well-being as well.
But our care for you extends far beyond a business equation of product and individual.

Just as we are inspired by the philosophy and principles that go into the making of our products, we hope you find inspiration in the degree of care that goes into our products, and that you feel moved to share that with your friends, family and community.

The act of caring brightens our lives, expanding our reach and increasing our energy and drive to better the lives of people both close and distant.
Care begets more care—and what could be more wonderful for you and life on our planet?

The Dr. Hauschka community is ever-growing and ever-changing. Our community thrives in our South Deerfield office, WALA's offices, laboratories, garden and farm in Eckwalden, Germany, the shea butter cooperative of Burkino Faso, Africa, the rose cultivation project in Afghanistan and the organic castor oil initiative in India. It includes you, your family and our local and global communities. As individuals and as groups, we can all impact and influence each other to do good.