Certified Natural and Organic Cosmetics

Certified Natural and Organic Cosmetics

All Dr. Hauschka products without exception are certified 100% certified natural. Additionally, they are always made using as many ingredients obtained from certified organic or biodynamic cultivation as much as possible. For Dr. Rudolf Hauschka, founder of our mother company WALA, this was a matter of course. Even back in the 1960s when he first developed his skincare line in collaboration with holistic esthetician and researcher Elisabeth Sigmund, our formulations were always based on natural ingredients and free from silicones and PEGs, as well as synthetic preservatives, dyes and fragrances.  Our formulations always supported the skin’s inherent regenerative and self-balancing abilities.   

 When Dr. Hauschka Skin Care first came to the market in 1967, there was no such thing as certification for natural cosmetics.
However, it is important to have a respected independent standard and certification to ensure consumer assurance and to prevent greenwashing. NATRUE is an association that provides exactly that. Founded in 2007, this international association aims to protect and promote natural skincare worldwide.

As a founding member of NATRUE, we have helped to define high standards for natural cosmetics.

The NATRUE standard assesses products on the basis of their ingredients and manufacturing processes. It differentiates between natural cosmetics, natural cosmetics with a minimum 70% organic content (NATRUE will gradually eliminate this level of certification by 2023) and organic cosmetics (natural cosmetics with a minimum 95% organic content). This percentage-based differentiation is important as, even today, it is still not possible to fully obtain all raw materials for natural cosmetics in organic quality. In some cases, this has led to us creating sustainable international projects for the  cultivation of organic raw material . Rose essential oil, mango butter, castor oil and shea butter are just a few examples in this regard.

Of course, we have every single one of our over 160 Dr. Hauschka products certified by NATRUE. The fact that our products pass the NATRUE tests provides both you and us with peace of mind. We have developed and produced natural cosmetics since 1967 and do so both out of conviction and based on a responsibility to nature and your wellbeing. After all, what could be more sustainable and effective than natural ingredients from certified organic or biodynamic cultivation obtained under truly just and fair trade conditions -upholding our commitment to both care for the Earth and for humanity.

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