7 Good Reasons to choose Dr.Hauschka Skincare

7 Good Reasons to choose Dr.Hauschka Skincare

Since 1967, Dr. Hauschka skincare has been at the forefront of natural and organic cosmetics. Let's explore why the brand is increasingly important and relevant today, especially given the environmental and sustainability challenges we face. 


When choosing a natural and organic skincare product, the options can be overwhelming due to the abundance of conflicting product claims and ingredients. Companies sometimes engage in 'greenwashing', where they use environmentally friendly slogans misleading consumers about the product's actual eco-friendliness. Promoting the 'green' agenda is in vogue, but with the rise of organic, natural, and vegan marketing campaigns, it can be challenging to uncover the true narrative behind the ingredients.

Fortunately, the trend of choosing green products is gaining momentum, with an increasing demand and a positive transition towards natural items. Prioritising both our skin's health and the planet's well-being is crucial for individuals aiming to shop more sustainably.

Regulation for natural and organic cosmetics
In the realm of what is truly natural and organic, it's important to note that, unlike food regulations, there are no official regulations or unified criteria defining 'natural', 'organic', and 'vegan'. While cosmetic product claims do have to comply with EU Cosmetics Regulation legislation (EU) 655/2013 ), there is no precise interpretation of how this applies to cosmetic products.
Given the absence of specific regulations, cosmetics producers can either self-declare their products as natural/organic (many with minimal natural/organic content) or certify their products as natural/organic based on the standards established by an independent organisation.

High standards in natural and organic since 1967
Dr.Hauschka skincare chooses the latter approach, ie independent certification. Since its establishment in 1967, the brand has consistently used 100% natural and top-grade organic ingredients. Going beyond that, they uphold high quality and standards, starting from the soil treatment, fair trade practices, and collaborating with co-ops and farmers who adhere to these principles. When purchasing natural and organic cosmetics, ensure they are certified and meet the specified criteria.



Customer reassurance with certification
Customers can find reassurance in organic and natural ingredients from an independent non-profit company that adheres to the highest skincare and cosmetics standards. This includes strict criteria for ingredients, practices, and global environmental initiatives. Dr. Hauschka prioritises research and sustainability over extensive marketing campaigns.

These are some of the notable aspects of NATRUE; There are no synthetic colours, dyes, or fragrances in the products, collaborating with companies that follow fair trade practices, organic farming, and biodynamic farming methods. This ensures that the skincare products contain potent plants brimming with vitality, guaranteeing no irradiation at any stage of production, along with a strict no-animal-testing policy.

Look behind the label
Dr. Hauschka encourages consumers to delve deeper into the brand and understand its relevance in today's world. The NATRUE label enforces high-level criteria verified by scientists, providing customers with the assurance that choosing natural and organic cosmetics means authenticity and transparency without greenwashing. (Discover more here).
Other quality natural certifications include Cosmos and BDIH and Ecocert.

Also worth noting, that from a commercial perspective, Dr.Hauschka skincare (WALA) is a foundation, it cannot be bought or sold. It isn’t bound to owners or shareholders, and nobody makes personal use of company profits. Doing the right thing for people and planet requires a slower pace for longstanding and sustainable results, the same applies to how the products work with the skin.


The Skin barrier
To achieve great skin, it is crucial to focus on how we cleanse our skin daily and the products we use. The initial and vital stage of skincare, cleansing is about 70% of our skincare focus.

Our skin naturally sheds daily, when we follow the skin clock, this happens typically between 5pm and 6pm. When cleansing, it's essential to maintain the skin barrier's health, which has a slightly acidic and slightly alkaline balance. Vigorous scrubbing or over-cleansing will disrupt this balance, accelerating the skin's repair process and leading to loss of vitality, premature ageing, and fatigue over time, which is not sustainable.

Our skin undergoes a natural 28-day renewal cycle. Dr. Hauschka skincare acknowledges and supports this natural cleansing process, aiding in shedding and renewal. By using one of the hero products from the range, the Cleansing Cream, you will benefit from its rich blend of sweet almond meal, healing calendula, calming St. John's wort, and chamomile.
When mixed with water, it forms a luxurious emulsion that gently exfoliates and removes excess oil and impurities. If your skin feels tight and uncomfortable after cleansing, it is an indicator that the skin is overburdened, leading to heightened sensitivity, redness, irritation, and premature ageing.


Our skin has unique needs during the day and night. Dr. Hauschka skincare aligns with the natural day-night cycle to promote healthy and balanced skin. By following this rhythm, we help our skin achieve optimum health and harmony.
Using specially chosen botanicals and ingredients, it supports the skin's natural functions. This approach allows the skin to breathe, renew, and regenerate effectively.
During the day, our skin requires protection from the elements, ingredients like rich rose wax, shea butter, calendula calming properties, antioxidant-rich red clover, and replenishing oils such as apricot, almond, and jojoba support this process.
Night-time is a period of reflection and relaxation. It's a time to cleanse thoroughly, shedding the day's stress both physically and energetically. Before sleep, we apply a light Night Serum with nourishing night apple blossom and botanicals, free from heavy waxes or oils. By harmonising with the body's natural rhythms, our skin radiates with health and vitality.



Rudolf Hauschka and Elisabeth Sigmund, the founders of Dr. Hauschka skincare, dedicated their lives to the power of nature and plants. They explored the effects on the skin from different parts of plants, from roots to flowers. By combining various plants, they created skincare and treatments tailored to specific skin conditions.

In nature, plants thrive under varying conditions of light-darkness, rest-activity, cold-warmth, embodying vitality, and resilience. This natural life-force differs significantly from synthetic substances produced in a lab. Plants respond to the rhythm of life, evident in a rosebud blooming at sunrise or a sunflower tracking the sun for warmth and vitality. For centuries, plants have been used in remedies, healing practices, and skincare due to the skin's favourable response to natural ingredients over synthetic ones.

Dr. Hauschka skincare meticulously selects, research, and tests plants and ingredients on humans for effectiveness. Our skin, influenced by hormonal changes and seasonal transitions, evolves with age. It acknowledges these skin dynamics and advocates for supporting skin health with nature's remedies.

The Dr. Hauschka skincare team comprises researchers, doctors, natural perfumers, biologists, and experts in natural cosmetics. They carefully select plants to address specific skin conditions, such as using ingredients from the rose family, apple, and apricot for sensitive skin, lemon balm, neem, witch hazel, daisy, and carrot for oily skin, and a unique blend of red clover, acerola berry, raspberry, argan oil, and shea butter for mature skin


Putting immense pressure on us to appear perfect and younger results in an unfulfilling existence, which is highly unnatural. Embracing feeling comfortable in your own skin is what Dr. Hauschka skincare advocates. While we cannot stop the ageing process, we can prevent premature ageing in body, mind, and skin!

This is why the products are not labelled as “anti-aging”. The mature skin Regenerating and Intensive Regenerating products aim to enhance the genuine and glowing appearance of individuals. The focus is not on looking perpetually younger, but on looking and feeling better, regardless of age


Dr. Hauschka products are designed to assist the skin throughout and after cancer treatment, offering both soothing and revitalising care. Covering face to body care, the entire range is 100% natural, safe, and effective. These products not only provide nurturing care but also promote calmness and comfort upon application, with the contact of body oils on the skin being deeply restorative.

During pregnancy, these products are safe to use, and the blackthorn body oil strengthens and improves skin elasticity. All ingredients undergo rigorous testing before being introduced to the market to ensure their safety for skin application. These tests also consider the product's suitability for use during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

With a full suite of products; skincare, body care, make-up, and a new medicated range. There is something for every family member, starting from infant care with products such as body silk powder, rose body oil and continuing through life's various stages including a menopausal range of skincare.


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