Our Company Operates Much Like A Blossoming Garden

Our company has embraced sustainability long before it became a buzzword. We believe in harnessing the power of nature's cycles and using pure, untainted materials in all our products.

Picture our company as a thriving garden: we operate with care and responsibility, following nature's rhythms. We value manual labor and understand the importance of nurturing the soil for a fruitful harvest. This approach ensures that we not only respect the environment but also produce high-quality goods.

Specific Sustainability

  • At Dr.Hauschka, sustainability is an indispensable part of our company philosophy and therefore an everyday requirement.
  • We almost exclusively obtain our plants, oils and waxes from controlled organic cultivation (biodynamic quality where possible) and under fair trade conditions.
  • We think and work in material cycles – for example, when using rain water or easy-to-recycle packaging materials and when composting vegetal production waste.

We conserve resources wherever possible: we have procured 100% certified green electricity for many years, we use heat recovery and the ground temperature for air conditioning purposes, we provide company bicycles, pay our employees’ public transport fares and provide a carpooling platform.
Soil, a complex organism, hosts interlinked cycles crucial for stability. Human responsibility is key to maintaining this delicate balance.

Sustainable Development

In 1955, we transformed a boggy meadow with heavy loam soil into a medicinal plant garden. Today, this Demeter-certified garden thrives, teaching us sustainable business practices' secrets. We realize the mutual need between nature and humanity, as our integration into natural cycles ensures our collective well-being.

We uphold sustainability through eco-friendly, socially responsible partnerships worldwide. For instance, we source shea butter from an organically certified area in Burkina Faso and Damask rose oil from countries like Afghanistan.

Collaborating with the World Hunger Organization, we support around 700 farmers in adopting organic methods as an alternative to opium cultivation.
With your support, we contribute to preserving and healing the earth for future generations.

We Are Genuinely Dedicated To Environmental Care

At Dr. Hauschka, we've crafted cosmetics solely from pure nature for over five decades. Each year, we replace 588 tons of mineral-oil-based and microplastic-infused chemicals with biodegradable natural alternatives. We prioritize certified Demeter biodynamic cultivation in our herb garden and farms worldwide, minimize air travel, and opt for fuel-efficient vehicles.

Our commitment to the environment and sustainability remains unwavering. We strive to address environmental issues honestly and transparently.