Our Community

Our Community

Caring for you and the world we share.

Stated most simply, our business is selling natural skin care products that care for your skin. Hopefully, you will find that our products help care for your inner well-being as well.
But our care for you extends far beyond a business equation of product and individual.

Just as we are inspired by the philosophy and principles that go into the making of our products, we hope you find inspiration in the degree of care that goes into our products, and that you feel moved to share that with your friends, family and community.

The act of caring brightens our lives, expanding our reach and increasing our energy and drive to better the lives of people both close and distant.
Care begets more care—and what could be more wonderful for you and life on our planet?

The Dr. Hauschka community is ever-growing and ever-changing. Our community thrives in our South Deerfield office, WALA's offices, laboratories, garden and farm in Eckwalden, Germany, the shea butter cooperative of Burkino Faso, Africa, the rose cultivation project in Afghanistan and the organic castor oil initiative in India. It includes you, your family and our local and global communities. As individuals and as groups, we can all impact and influence each other to do good.